Travelling to The Sultanate of Oman, Covid-19, Quarantine Isolation centers/ hotel, Travel Insurance Read!

Important Update!

As a result of Covid-19 which has affected travels around the world including Oman, Passengers entering Oman MUST adhere to the following procedures.

Covid-19 Test or PCR Test.

  1. All passengers travelling to Oman must carry out Covid-19 PCR test valid not more than 48 hours before departure
  2. All arrivals to Oman are subject to another Covid-19 PCR test, the cost of the test is 25 Omani rial (65 US dollar) total package. This includes the PCR Test and the tracking device called TARASSUD
  3. All arrivals to Oman or passengers travelling to Oman Must download and install Tarassud+ App, you are expected to register in the App following all the necessary instructions before departure.
  4. On arrival at the Airport, Tarassud bracelet will be issued to you, it is a tracking device that monitors your compliance to quarantine rule, See picture. All arrival must wear the bracelet at all times until the quarantine period is over.
  1. All arrivals to Oman are obligated to be quarantined for eight (8) days in a Quarantine designated facility/Hotel. The total estimated cost for eight (8) days in a Hotel including feeding is 90 Omani Rials.
  2. On the 8th day of the quarantine period, you will return to the Hospital to carry out another Covid-19 test. On the 9th day, the result will be out. if your result is Negative, the Tarassud-Bracelet will be removed. This test and the Tarassud device removal cost is 30 Omani rial.


All travelers to Oman are required to buy a 30-day health insurance/ travel insurance policy. It costs anbout 8 to 10 Omani rials. Travelers from Nigeria can find out more from,,, or your agent can do that from Oman. But we strongly advice our clients to buy their Travel insurance from The Sultanate of Oman because we are responsible for their flight tickets.


All travelers to Oman are obligated to login to the website, , fill all the required information and complete the payment online. A receipt of approval with a code number as shown below will be sent to you. You are required to print out the receipt. For additional support on this please call the support line.


Before boarding, you must have the following documents with you

  • Copy of the Tarassud+ registration/ traveler registration
  • Proof of Tarrasud payment invoice copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Flight Ticket copy
  • Insurance copy
  • Offer Letter
  • Hotel/ Quarantine Reservation