Traveling to Oman Guide

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Luggage Handling

  1. You are entitled to not more than 40kg of passenger’s luggage
  2. Any luggage below 10kg can be taken into the Aircraft as Hand luggage. Always remember to collect your Hand luggage when disembarking from the Airplane
  3. Passenger’s Luggage above 10kg will be checked-in to the Aircraft as main Luggage at the Ticket Counter by the officials; Note that you will no longer have access to this Luggage until you have reached your final destination (Oman), after you have been cleared by the immigration
  4. Only 20kg is permitted per bag. Any Luggage above 20kg should be splitted into two bags.

Transit Airport

  1. On arrival at the transit Airport eg Addis Ababa, Cairo etc. ensure to collect your hand luggage when disembarking from the Aircraft
  2. Proceed with the rest of the passengers to the Airport building
  3. Follow the direction as indicated on the signboards “Transit Passengers”, Locate your departure Gate number or Letter as stated on the second Boarding Pass/Ticket for Passengers going to Muscat.

Oman Airport

  1. After disembarking from the Plane, please proceed with other passengers to the Arrival section of the Airport either by Bus provided or by walking as will be directed by the Officials
  2. Proceed to the COVID-19 test section where you will be tested and handed Tarasud device. Ensure to present the following; (a) Payment invoice for the Tarasud device, (b) Covid-19 Application/Registration form (c) Passport, (d) Your visa copy, (e) Evidence of Tarasud+ App downloaded in your phone.
  3. Next, proceed to Visa section where the original VISA will be stamped on your Passport after presenting the copy of your Visa to the Officials
  4. Proceed to the Immigration, where your documents will be checked and verified
  1. You can now proceed to the Carrousel to collect your main Luggage, ensure to be on the right carrousel handling the luggage from your Aircraft
  2. Proceed to the Security checkpoints on your way to the Exit where your Bags and belongings will be scanned and inspected.
  3. Finally, you can now exit the Airport where someone will be waiting to receive you.

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